Initially it seemed as if the weather would play into the factoring of the OSU and Tulsa game.  But it was all an illusion for the jaded among us.

The opening pass from Tulsa’s Dane Evans would be a pick from the Buckeye’s Marshon Lattimore.  The Buckeyes would only get a field goal from the promising threat.

Tulsa appeared to be a real threat early as they quickly marched into the Buckeyes’ territory thereafter.  But on a continual third down situation and rather long they could not capitalize.

Mike Weber would turn things around, at least the initialization – in my opinion, with his 14-yard gain in the first.  His shoulders were squared – there wasn’t any dancing.

But he’d fumble soon after in an exchange between JT and himself.

A nice moment was on 4th and goal where Tulsa could not get the ball into the end zone from the 4-yard line.  The announcers questioned the call …. but?  OSU vs. Tulsa?  What would you have done?

As an experienced armchair I must confess I was not enthusiastic reference Warriner and Beck’s call-playing.  I am not a fan.  I am not convinced.  But again I am armchair….

Late first quarter the Tulsa owned dominance of possession and it appeared threatening to the Buckeyes.  But Urban would muster his troops.

In my opinion the Buckeyes gathered rhythm in the talents of Brooklyn’s own Curtis Samuel.  In the 2nd his 12-yard run while breaking tackles showed heart that was both enthusiastic and representative of Buckeyes Football.

The Buckeyes would end the 1st half with back-to-back picks for six with Malik Hooker from 26 yards out and Lattimore from 40.

At half the Buckeyes led 20-3.  JT was 8 of 14 for 69 yards.  Weber had 8 rushes for 47 yards.  And the big receiving magnet was Terry McLaurin who had 3 receptions for 20 yards – his longest being 16.

At half the monsoon began…….

There would be a delay for well over an hour.

In my opinion the best play from this point was delivered via Curtis Samuel.  On a 5-yard TD run by JT Barrett, Samuel unnoticeably, put his body in the way – taking a knee to the head, in his perfect block.

The score wound down to 48-3.  Do I need to detail each score?

Hardly!  Understand the Sooners are looking toward the East.  And the Buckeyes are heading West.  This will be good…

Want a prediction?

Give me some time to evaluate …. but trust me I am blinded by Scarlet & Gray love….