(Photo of diligent reporter courtesy of Daily Mail)

Well, that was some football game Saturday, wasn’t it? Meanwhile, I have a couple admin/programming notes that I want to pass on to you.

First, in the past week or so, there has been a site upgrade. I had asked my niece and her friend (Emily, Michael) to spiff up the site. Emily did a great job with the logo design (very clever) and Michael came up with the script font and black background to set it apart. I’d asked the to design a spare, non-cluttered, clean “look” to the site, and they designed exactly what I’d imagined. Em, Mike, well done and thank you. Your check in is the mail 😉

Speaking of “site upgrade”, I want to welcome an old friend, JC, to this little endeavor. JC’s jumped feet-first into the fray this weekend, with this article on OSU-Tulsa and this article on OSUWV (Ohio State Women’s Volleyball). I look forward to JC’s opinions and writing and I’m sure that you will, too.

For the programming note; OSUWG (Ohio State Women’s Golf) tees it up this coming weekend in the East & West Match Play Challenge. I’ll have the round and event recaps.  I may have some thoughts on the OSU-Tulsa game… no, I’m sure that I will. Please stop back.