I hope that everyone in Ohio has dried off from Saturday’s precipitation. It’s sunny and gorgeous in Buffalo, … just sayin’. I have a half-(gl)ass recap of Saturday’s OSU>Tulsa game. Half in the respect that I watched only the first half. We were visiting family in Ohio and the inclement weather in Columbus threw off our television schedule. Consequently, here are my thoughts on the first half. For a fuller coverage, drop down a couple articles to see JC’s thoughts on the affair. Over at my former haunt, Ben also does a nice recap.


Well, Tulsa’s first offensive play from scrimmage was a sign of things to come. Marshawn Lattimore’s INT set the offense up in sterling field position. The defense played very well while the offense flat-lined. I thought the offense looked a bit disjointed in the first half. The execution wasn’t sharp at all. Perhaps they were looking ahead to Oklahoma? Maybe not, but they surely weren’t focused. The mesh point exchange between Barrett and Weber was painful. And, not to lay everything at the kids’ feet; the coaches weren’t exactly hitting on all eight cylinders, either. My brother pointed out that OSU had success when it attacked the edge of the Tulsa defense, and failed when they ran inside; yet OSU continued to run inside. Granted, my brother is a Harvard grad, so he picked up on that pretty easily, but I didn’t graduate from Harvard and even I could see it. And it wasn’t just our television; other people saw the same thing…

As JC, in his article, pointed out:

As an experienced armchair I must confess I was not enthusiastic reference Warinner and Beck’s call-playing.  I am not a fan.  I am not convinced.  But again I am armchair….

Aside from what we subjectively saw; 36 plays that generated 151 yards and 6 points (2 FG’s) for a half is dearth in imagination and execution.


As bad as I thought OSU’s first half offense was, Tulsa’s was absolutely horrific. I realize they have the “seasoned” senior quarterback, but they should look for someone else. In Tulsa’s opening game, QB Dane Evans was sacked 4 times, which didn’t indicate a “nimbleness” to him. Against Ohio State, he was sacked twice, but tossed (and I mean ‘tossed’) 4 INTs.

Yes, his throws were pretty poorly wobbly, but going back to JC’s thoughts on Beck/Warinner, the two damaging INTs, coming late in the 2nd quarter are on Tulsa coach Phil Montgomery, so I guess “our guys” weren’t that bad.. Your team, a heavy underdog, is down only three points late in the first have. Your team has the ball with three minute remaining in the half and it’s facing not only a pretty good defense, but howling winds and rain. Run the clock and go into the half, hopefully down 3 points? Nope, we’re going to air it out. Thank you Phil “The Full Monty” for giving OSU the game.

(Halftime) Wrap Up and Other Thoughts

Although the defense was getting gashed early on Tulsa inside runs, they (Fickell/Schiano/Johnson) made the necessary adjustments to completely shut down the Tulsa offense.

Speaking of adjustments, although I missed the 2nd half, it appeared that Warinner/Beck appeared to hit the edge of the Tulsa defense later in the game.

Regardless of what the officials ruled, Johnnie Dixon made one hell of a sideline catch. That effort alone should get him more snaps.

I think that Weber looks pretty good at running back. Coming on the heels of Ezekiel Elliott, we fans my need to curb our enthusiasm and let Weber work into the role.

Dontre and Curtis are evolving into quite the play-makers for Urban. Through two games, they are accounting for a combined 320 yards in total offense per game; 43% of OSU’s total. You’re right Urban, get these play-makers the ball.