The Ohio State University and the Oklahoma Sooners are two storied programs. They have only met twice prior to this coming Saturday in their playing history. Between these two dominant programs they have won 15 National Titles and presented to the world of sports 12 Heisman Trophy Winners. This weekend is a big deal in College sports. Bragging rights among powerhouses carry their weight in gold.

So I have decided to challenge all of you to see just how much you know of the history between these two schools and their football meetings. Do your best not to peek at the bottom for the answers. Do not Google or Bing, whatever your search engine may be, and then take a crack.

At the end we will figure out how you did .  Ahead of time we all know 100% is genius material. 90% is pretty damn good. 70% is just passing – but nothing to brag about. And below 70% – don’t tell anyone – keep it to yourself.


1). What was the first year that the Buckeyes and Sooners met up?
where was it?
a) 1972 in Columbus.
b) 1977 in Norman
c) 1977 in Columbus
d) 1972 in Norman

2). What was the final score of the first game? Who was the winner?
a) 32-30 Oklahoma
b) 32-30 OSU
c) 29-28 OSU
d) 29-28 Oklahoma

3). Who was the star of that game?
a) Pete Johnson – OSU – FB – 2 TD’s with 49 yards.
b) Uwe von Schamann – OK – K – 41 yard FG in final seconds.
c) Greg Pruitt – OK – RB – 2 TD’s with 118 yards.
d) Neal Colzie – OSU – CB – 2 INT’s with 1 TD – 28 yards.

4). When was the next time they played? Where was it?
a) 1983 – Norman
b) 1983 – Columbus
c) 1976 – Norman
d) 1976 – Columbus

5). What was that score and who was the winner?
a) 21-17 – Oklahoma
b) 21-17 – OSU
c) 24-14 – OSU
d) 24-14 – Oklahoma

6). In this 2nd meeting who was the Ohio State QB?
a) Pandel Savic
b) Mike Tomczak
c) Greg Castignola
d) Rod Gerald

7). Between the two schools who had the last Heisman Trophy winner?
a) The Ohio State University
b) Oklahoma

8). Who was that player?
a) Troy Smith
b) Sam Bradford

9).  Which Coach had the pleasure of coaching in both games?
a) Woody Hayes
b) Bud Wilkinson
c) Barry Switzer
d) Earle Bruce

10. Arguably who was the biggest “Ohio” star born in Oklahoma?
a) Ulysses S. Grant, President
b) Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI fighter pilot
c) Johnny Bench, Cincinnati Reds
d) Archie Griffin, The Ohio State University


1. (2 answers here) C
2. (2 answers here) D
3. B
4. (2 answers here) A
5. (2 answers here) C
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. C
10. C (allow me to explain further: A – Ulysses S. Grant, president was born in 1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio. Oklahoma never became a state until 1907. So put 2+2 together there! B – Eddie Rickenbacker – WWI fighter ace was born in 1890 in Columbus, thus the honorary naming of the Air Force Base down in Lockbourne, Ohio (just south of Scioto Downs race Track & Columbus) called Rickenbacker AFB. Again, Oklahoma wasn’t even entered into the Union until 1907. D – Archie Griffin – we know he went to Eastmoor High School in Columbus, but what does that mean? Where was he born? If I had you thinking Oklahoma for a moment you should step back a few feet and run your head into the wall. Archie is through and through a Buckeye – born and raised in Columbus. And, yes, finally the correct answer – C – Johnny Bench – who is thought of as nothing other than a Cincinnati Red. Period. He was born in Oklahoma City.

So what was your score?  Now – count your correct answers and divide it by 14:  Or better yet here is a chart that will help out:

14/14 = 100%
13/14 = 92.9%
12/14 = 85.7%
11/14 = 78.6%
10/14 = 71.4%
9/14 = 64.3%
8/14 = 57.1%
7/14 = 50%
6/14 = 42.9%
5/14 = 35.7%
4/14 = 28.6%
3/14 = 21.4%
2/14 = 14.3%
1/14 = 7.1%

Share your score with us in the comments.

Go Buckeyes!