(Photo courtesy TV10)

Coincidentally, these are also my initial thoughts on Ohio State’s win over Oklahoma last Saturday. Here we go:


  • The Buckeyes rushed for nearly 300 yards (291) on 48 carries (6.1 avg). It was effective, efficient and soul crushing. We wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Based on the rushing performance (see above paragraph) the offensive line had a solid performance against a pretty good OU front. The line allowed only 1 sack 9 (20 pass attempts), so they performed well there, too.
  • Noah Brown. You saw it, I have nothing to add.
  • Mike Weber (123 yd) and Curtis Samuel (98 yd) are a pretty good RB tandem. I’d let them carry the ball as often as possible, because…
  • What the hell was the coaching staff doing calling for 17 rush attempts for JT Barrett? I can see running JT “once in a while”. I like JT running off a “QB option” look. What I don’t like is JT running off a “QB power sweep” look. The “option” look at least creates some defensive doubt; a “sweep” look lets the defense tee off on the runner. I’m not quite ready to turn over the keys of the OSU offense quite yet.



  • The top level numbers weren’t that much different from OU’s defense against Ohio State. The number of plays (OSU 68, OU 67) were nearly identical and the yards-per-play (6.5. 6.0, respectively) were as well.
  • The key was that the Silver Bullets were able to make plays that the Sooners didn’t. Ohio State had 2 INT’s (1 a pick-6) while OU did not generate any turnovers.
  • Ohio State’s secondary is pretty damn good. They don’t shy way from hitting people. They are sure handed in pass defense; they don’t appear to be dropping too many interception opportunities.
  • Yes, I believe that Marshawn Lattimore did intercept that pass.
  • Ohio State sacked Baker Mayfield 3 times for 26 yards.
  • Oklahoma had no rushing TD’s.
  • Oklahoma was 0-3 in 4th down conversions.


Special Teams

  • Cam Johnson had an unworldly evening. He averaged over 50 yards in 5 punts. All 5 were downed inside the OU 20 yard line. His initial punt of 68 yards flipped the field after OSU’s first failed drive, to set up an OU 3 & out from deep in their territory.
  • Tyler Durbin had another outstanding game. He was 6-6 in extra points and 1-1 in FG’s. He also averaged 59.5 yards on 8 kickoffs. A very busy and productive night for Mr. Durbin.
  • Speaking of kickoffs, the Buckeyes had a coverage hiccup on Joe Mixon’s 97 yards return. It looked like a Buckeye or two got caught up in pursuing the ball rather than maintain lane integrity.  In Mixon’s other two returns, he averaged less than 18 yards, so it’s not like the K/O coverage team was a complete mess.



  • The team still looks a bit discombobulated, committing 11 penalties for 75 yards. The “highlights” were 2 false starts and 4 game delay (with a called time-out to avert a 5th) penalty. Through three games, the Buckeyes are averaging 10 penalties/69 yards per game, so this performance was not a one-off thing.
  • Despite this “inattentiveness” and holding themselves back, Ohio State is playing at a high level. Once the kids get this figured out, this will develop into a damn impressive team.  This’ll be a fun season.