(Team photo and event information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Event scoring/statistics courtesy of BirdieFire.)

On Monday and Tuesday the Ohio State Men’s Golf Team (OSUMG), the ‘Sultans of Swing‘, trekked down I71- to Cincinnati for The Bearcat Invitational.


Coldstream Country Club, Cincinnati, OH; yardage 7,150 yards, par 71.



Three rounds (54 holes) of stroke play. First two rounds on Monday, September 26; final round on Tuesday September 27.

Play 6, count 4 (Six players participate, lowest four scores count towards team score)


Field (10 teams):

Akron, Cincinnati, College of Charleston, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Middle Tennessee State, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Xavier

Definitely a mid-western flavor to the event.

Ohio State lineup:

1 – Will Grimmer | So. | 70.33 avg. – 3 rounds
2 – Daniel Wetterich | So. | 74.33 avg. – 3 rounds
3 – Addison Coll | Sr. | 75.00 avg. – 3 rounds
4 – Clark Engle | Sr. | N/A
5 – Josh Wick | r-Jr. | 74.67 avg. – 3 rounds
6 – Caleb Ramirez | So. | N/A

OK, that’s the background information. On to the tournament.


First Round

The Buckeyes got off to a very good start in the opening round on Monday morning. Their team total of 287 (+3) placed them in 2nd place, two strokes behind Michigan State. Ohio State was led by a 68 (-2) by Will “The Thrill” Grimmer and an even par round of 71 by Clark Engle.  Let’s see how the Sultans of Swing did in Round 1.


Daniel Wetterich

Daniel shot a 74 (+3), which counted toward the team total. Daniel had a fairly hectic front 9; 2 birdies, 2 bogeys and a double bogey. He had a rough stretch (holes #4-#6) where he was +4, but triaged the front side by playing the last three holes in -1 to par. His back nine was a bit calmer; 1 birdie and 2 bogeys.


Caleb Ramirez

Caleb’s 77 (+6), was a bit higher than planned. This did not count toward the team total. Caleb just couldn’t get anything going in the opening round. He was +4 on his front side, but his back side score of +2 did include 2 birdies, so he did seem to get a better feel as the round progressed.


Addison Coll

Addison had a nice round of 73 (+2), which counted toward the team total. Addison’s round of 4 birdies was marred by a double bogey on the par-3 11th hole, but otherwise, as the score would indicate, played a fairly clean round.


Will Grimmer

Will’s 69 (-2) led the Buckeyes in scoring in the opening round. Will went ‘textbook’ on his front side; 2 birdies and 7 pars for a -2 score. The play leveled out a bit with 2 birdies/2 bogeys on the back nine, but by then Will had already established a good rhythm for the round. A clean round of nothing worse than bogey, and only two of those. Four birdies and twelve par made for an impressive looking scorecard. I’m sure Coaches Moseley and Smith would agree.


Josh Wick

Josh’s round 80 (+9) can be called a “struggle”. A tough way to open the tournament for Josh. Josh began his round with a birdie 3 on the 1st hole (always a good way to start a round of golf), but things went sideways pretty fast for him. Four consecutive bogeys (#3 – #6) didn’t help matters, but Josh did recover enough to par the closing three holes of his front nine.  He birdied his opening hole on the back side (Josh seems to like ‘opening holes’) but things pretty much went to hell over the next two hours. Three bogeys and two double bogeys took him completely out of team play.


Clark Engle

Clark’s even par round of 71 was the team’s 2nd best score in the round. After back-to-back bogeys on holes #5 and #6, Clark played his remaining 12 holes in -2 to par.



Second Round

The Buckeyes maintained their position (2nd place) with an even better round of 280 (-4) in the afternoon. They were now 1 stroke behind the Spartans. State. Ohio State was again led by Will Grimmer’s 67 (-4). Will had sub-par (in a good way) help from Daniel Wetterich who shot a 68 (-3).  Here’s Round 2 for the Sultans of Swing.


Daniel Wetterich

Daniel responded from a ‘good, not bad’ first round with a ‘damn impressive’ 2nd round score of 68 (-3). Unlike his opening round, Daniel a pretty smooth front 9 (holes #1 – #9) by shooting 9 pars. You have no idea how good that is. After a bogey on the par-5 10th (a no-no at this level) he got down to business. In a 5 hole stretch (# 13 – #17) he scored 4 birdies(!) and finished with a par on his last hole for a 32 (-3) back nine.


Caleb Ramirez

Caleb’s second round of 73 (+1) was much, much better than his morning round. He was steady through-out the round; 14 pars, 1 birdie and 3 bogeys. This was a good round for both Caleb and the Buckeyes…


Addison Coll

Addison’s 72 (+1) was a 1 stroke improvement from his morning round. He stumbled on the par-3 2nd hole with a double bogey (his 2 double bogeys have been on par-3’s) and, as in his morning round, Addison had 4 birdies on his scorecard.


Will Grimmer

Will’s 67 (-4) led the Buckeyes in scoring in the opening round. Will was an equal opportunity scorer; -2 on his front 9 and -2 on his back 9. His play improved in that, compared to his morning round, he had 1 more birdie and 1 less bogey. Look, if, when comparing rounds, all you can come up with is “a birdie here and a bogey there”, there’s some damn good golf being played and we’ve crossed over into hair-splitting.

Josh Wick

Josh’s afternoon round 75 (+4) was a good bit better than his morning round, but not good enough to count towards the team score. He had 1 birdie, 3 bogeys and a double bogey on the par-3 5th.


Clark Engle

Clark’s afternoon round was similar to Caleb’s morning round – he just couldn’t get anything going. He had a quite good front nine of 37 (+1), but flattened out to four bogeys on the back nine for a score of 39 (+4). Regrettably, Clark did not birdie any holes in the afternoon round.



In the first two rounds, Ohio State had 33 birdies, 42 bogeys and 7 double bogeys. Obviously, the ‘over par’ holes were clustered around 2-3 players, so the team score wasn’t impacted too much. Of the 7 double bogeys, 4 came on par-3 holes. There were 3 birdies on the short holes, so that helped things somewhat, but still…

I do want to compliment the golf team on their conditional and athleticism. Monday’s golf consisted of two rounds. The players walked and (carried/pulled) their clubs for all 36 holes. That is probably in the vicinity of 9-10 miles walked on the day, meanwhile lugging around 30-35 pounds of equipment. Eighteen holes carrying my clubs is my max these days (of course I am quite a bit older than these lads) but I can’t imagine doing what these players do. I’m impressed.

The Final round is underway as I write this. Later (this evening or Wednesday) I’ll have final round recap and Final Thoughts. Please stop back in.