(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept. I love this pic. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat.)

Final Round:

The Buckeyes reprised their first round score of 292 (+12). Although a +12 is nothing to write home about, in this case, it is. Ohio State outscored 7 other teams on this final day. The best rounds on Tuesday were +8, so the Buckeyes gave a good performance. Their 3-day total of 881 (+41) put them in a T-13 place, actually up a position from the 2nd round.

Ohio State was led in scoring by Will ‘The Thrill’ Grimmer with a 68 (-2). Caleb Ramirez 74 (+4),  Dan Wetterich 75 (+5) and  Clark Engle 75 (+5) contributed to the team score. Addison Coll  at 76 (+6) rounded out the Buckeye scoring.

Will Grimmer

Will birdied three of his first seven holes go get the final round off to a flying start. With 4 birdies/2 bogeys, Will made this round look pretty easy… (It takes me four rounds to get four birdies; Will does this in 4 hours. On a course that’s 800 yards longer than I play. Seriously…)

Daniel Wetterich

Daniel had a fairly well played round. Although he did not score any birdies, his 14 pars indicated a consistent, in-control game.

Addison Coll

Addison’s round (76) was the highest shot by he Buckeyes on Tuesday. Other than two double bogeys, Addison played this round like he knew where to place his shots. Addison rang up 12 pars, so he certainly kept the round pretty stable.

Clark Engle

Clark had an interesting event. He played his first 45 holes in +28 to par (that’s not good golf) then played his final nine holes in even par (that’s really good golf). Despite finishing 75th (of 75 golfers) there was a pulse detected in the final two hours of the round. That has to be a good sign.

Caleb Ramirez

Caleb commuted by riding various “trains” this round. He had a 3-hole bogey ‘train’ followed immediately by a 2-hole birdie ‘train’ on his front 9. His back nine had a 5-hole par ‘train’ and a 3-hole bogey ‘train’. Believe me, once you get on these ‘trains’, it’s hard to get off. A final round of +4 is pretty solid play.


Ohio State rang up 9 birdies for the third day in a row. If you think about it, that is some amazingly consistent golf. They also scored 59 pars to help their cause. On the other hand, they had 18 bogeys and 4 double bogeys.

The Buckeyes played the par-3’s to an average of 3.28, +17 to par, ranking them 10th in the field. They played the par-4’s to 4.31, +56 to par, ranking them 14th. (Since 13 of the 18 holes were par-4’s, this one hurt.) They played the par-5’s to an average of 4.90, -3 to par, ranking them T-11th. There were only two par-5’s on the course, so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to ‘go low’. However, these two holes ranked in the easiest three holes to par for the event, so there were some missed opportunities.

The next couple weeks of practice are going to be interesting. What is the line=up going to look like for coaches Moseley and Smith? They have two freshmen, Caden Orewiler and Jeg Coughlin III on the bench. Going into this event, Caden and Jeg, although only three rounds apiece, were the 2nd and 3rd best scorers (behind Will Grimmer) on this team. I’m not sure how this shakes out; practice performance will be important. The nice thing is that Moseley/Smith seem to have a deep enough talent pool to make this work.

The Buckeyes next event is in three weeks (October 24-25) at the Quail Valley Collegiate in Vero Beach Florida. It is the last event of the Fall schedule. I am really looking forward to this event.

Here’s the final scoring for the Buckeyes.

Nike Collegiate Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Team 292 297 292 881
Clark Engle 79 84 75 238
Daniel Wetterich 75 71 75 221
Will Grimmer 71 74 68 213
Caleb Ramirez 73 72 74 219
Addison Coll 73 80 76 229