(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat)

Sorry for the delay in the recap –   I had some issues that required my attention earlier in the week.

The Ohio State Women’s Golf (OSUWG) rolled into Chapel Hill this past weekend (counting Friday as ‘weekend’) for the Tar Heel Invitational. After the 1st round, the Buckeyes were in 2nd place after shooting a 283 (-5). Here’s a refresher of that round.


The Buckeyes placed two players, Jessica Porvasnik and Niki Schroeder, in the top 20 in the field. Jessica finished T-13 and Niki finished T-17. There were 96 golfers in the field, so having two golfers in the top 20%’ish is pretty good.

Additionally, Katja Pogacar (T-22) and Jaclyn Lee (T-28) finished in the top 30 golfers. To me, having 80% of your team finish in the top 30% of the participants indicates some pretty good depth.



After two well played rounds that had the Buckeyes with a couple of strokes of the lead, the 3rd round was uncharacteristically awful. How awful? In the first two rounds, OSU averaged 16 birdies per round. In the final round, they had 6 birdies. There wasn’t a whole lot that went right on Sunday.



The Buckeyes had a team score of 874 (+10) that placed them in 7th place, of 18 teams. After two rounds, they were at -6, sitting in 3rd place, trailing eventual winner Wake Forest and 2nd place Alabama by only two strokes. Things were looking good. Except that all hell broke loose on the final round; Ohio State shot +16, dropping them from 3rd to 7th.

For the event, Ohio State was led by Jessica Porvasnik at 216 (E) and Niki Schroeder 218 (+2). Katja Pogacar 220 (+4) and Jaclyn Lee 221 (+5) also finished in single digits over par. Alex Wright 235 (+19) rounded out the Buckeye scoring.


Jessica was in complete control of her golf. Her 9 birdies were second on the team and her 38 pars led the team. Her final round was marred by a triple bogey on the 3rd hole. She played 53 holes of exemplary golf.


Jaclyn also had her game well in hand. She scored 8 birdies and 33 pars. She had the distinction of being the only Buckeye to score no higher than a bogey. Jaclyn managed the course and her game quite well.


Katja scored 7 birdies and 36 pars; the only misstep was a double bogey in the second round. Even then, she scored four of her birdies in that round, so things didn’t get too far out of hand.


Niki led the Buckeyes with 10 birdies and also carded 34 pars. Although she faded a bit in the final round back nine, Niki also played her first 45 holes in -3 to par. That’s, um, darn good golf.


Alex had a pretty  tough three days; or two days if you want to be more precise. She opened with a well played 73 (+1) in her first round, then her game completely left her. Let’s just say her final two rounds can be looked upon as learning experiences. I think you’re going to get uneven play from a freshman. Now, it’s up to the coaches to take Alex aside and show her here’s what she did well, let’s build upon that. Also, here’s what didn’t go well, here’s how to prevent/correct that. It’s not the end of the earth; the sun still rises in the east. Now, go out and make some birdies.



Ohio State played the par 3’s to an average of 2.92 strokes, -5 to par, which ranked them #1 in that category. They played the par-4’s to 4.21, +32 to par, ranking 9th. The par-5’s were played to 5.05, +3 to par, ranking them 11th.

Ohio State racked up 174 pars, ranking them 5th and scored 39 birdies, placing them 6th in this measure.

Despite playing to very good rounds, the third round was a comparative mess. I frankly can’t be too critical; putting together consecutive great rounds an be a challenge.

Earlier this summer, in one of my rounds I had a great front nine, by my standards. At the turn I was even par; 7 pars a bogey and a birdie. Yes, there were visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. On the back nine… nothing. The shot-making wasn’t as sharp and the putts didn’t drop; hence a +9. I’m typically not disappointed with an 81, but I walked off the course with an “oh, what could have been” feeling. I’m sure the OSUWG team had a similar feeling; a great start, but, oh, what could have been…

Final Buckeye scores, below:

Par 72 Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Team 283 287 304 874
Jessica Porvasnik 70 71 75 216
Jaclyn Lee 74 72 75 221
Katja Pogacar 72 72 76 220
Niki Schroeder 68 72 78 218
Alex Wright 73 83 79 235
-5 -1 16