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The Scarlet and Gray Men’s Basketball team pulled off a very “needed” and thrilling surprise this past Wednesday, January 25th versus the Minnesota Golden Gophers in a 78-72 sweeeet victory.

Trevor Thompson would prove to be the most valuable player of the day with 19 points and 10 rebounds. Marc Loving would also add 19 points. And the pleasant surprise was Andre Wesson, 6-6 Freshmen Forward in 19 minutes of play added nine points.

Thad had to be happy.

I read on another site that the Golden Gophers have been flopping, this being their fourth straight loss. It was written with a slant to indicate that the Buckeyes win was primarily due to a team who has lost their way … yep! In essence, saying normally this would have been another loss for the Buckeyes. I take a soured note to that theory. The Buckeyes are a good team – when they play as a team. I personally think they should have a better record than what they do … but should have – could have – we know that won’t even pay for a complete cycle with the dryer at the Laundromat.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 28th the Buckeyes head to Iowa City to take on the Iowa Hawkeye’s. It will be on ESPN2 at 8:00 p.m.


The Hawkeye’s are another team that is better than what their record shows. They are 11th in the Big Ten standings with a 3-5 record within the Conference (same exact as our Buckeyes) and are 11-10 overall. The Hawkeye’s have lost to some good teams; losing to Virginia, Memphis, Notre Dame, and Maryland. To their credit they have beaten TTUN – which in itself deserves a candle lighting at Church (refer to all anti TTUN propaganda). They have also beaten the Boilermakers of Purdue.

The Hawkeye’s are led by Senior Guard, 6-6, Peter Jok who averages 21.0 points per game. He is 2nd in rebounding with 5.9 per game. On the 3-point front he averages 2.9 per game, always at the wrong time in the minds of the opposition. Nicholas Baer (no relation to Max) who snags 6.1 per game. The player, in my mind to watch, besides Jok, of course, is Cordell Pemsl, a 6-8 Freshmen Forward who averages 9.1 points per game, and 5.0 rebounds per game. I like his style. His head always seems to be in the game, the moment.

The Hawkeye’s are certainly no one to sneeze at.

The Ohio State University

Our beloved Scarlet and Gray is led by Jae’Sean Tate who averages 13.9 points per game. Trevor Thompson is our leader off the boards with 9.3 snags per game. And JaQuan Lyle averages 5.2 assists per game.

The Buckeyes continue to have five players who average in points per game in double figures: Jae’Sean Tate (13.9); JaQuan Lyle (12.3); Marc Loving (11.5); Trevor Thompson (11.0); and Kam Williams (10.1). The Hawkeye’s only have Jok who averages in double figures.

We all know the Buckeyes and their season thus far. There have been the usual ups and downs. I still am a strong subscriber to the idea that the loss of Kieta Bates-Diop has been a substantial blow to both the way the Buckeyes operate on the court and their very mental status. Keita’s loss for the year is a horrendous reality that they must regroup and refocus on. Because they are so much better than

what we see in their record.

I have to be honest. I would have never projected the win last Wednesday against Minnesota. I am even sitting here now with negativity roaring through my mind in the upcoming battle against Iowa. The Hawkeye’s, to me, always sends a tremor be it in Basketball, or Football.

I won’t project here. Just sit, relax, and watch on ESPN2 tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. Whatever happens – it never grows old rooting for the Scarlet and Gray.