(Photo courtesy Eleven Warriors)

The game past vs. TTUN was a good one, wasn’t it? Ken nailed it! The Buckeyes simply outworked them. In that game Marc Loving with his 17 points and five rebounds were indeed complimentary of Trevor Thompson’s 11 rebounds and 13 points. To me the players that shined were both CJ Jackson with his eight points and eight rebounds, and Micah Potter with his “nice” seven points.

It’s always a joy to watch TTUN lose – especially to our beloved Buckeyes. Saturday the 4th is added onto that wondrous list.

Though Derrick Walton. Jr. was the source, on the line, that is, for the Wolverines – Muhammad Abdur-Rahkman was the one to watch. The kid comes to play even if his numbers aren’t up to snuff for all the “line” experts.

Now we shall see the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. On February 8th (tomorrow or today – depends upon whenever you read this) at 7:00 p.m. at Value City Arena comes the challenge.


The Scarlet Knights are currently 2-9 in Big Ten play and 13-11 overall. Their two wins of which were the most impressive have come within the Big Ten. They beat Penn State, 8th in conference, on the 4th of February. And on January 21 they just got by Nebraska 65-64. On their schedule (also within their win column) have been the likes of Fordham, Stony Brook, Morgan State, and North Texas. I don’t want to disrespect the Scarlet Knights, but simply put, they are not even an average(ly) good team. They fade to the “needs” work side of the spectrum.

Corey Sanders is undoubtedly their star. He leads in the points delivered per game, with a 13.0 average. He also leads the team in assists with an average of 3.4, and in steals with an average of 1.5. DeShawn Freeman is the leader in rebounding with an average of a “nice” 8.5 average.

In truth there isn’t a lot to say here. Rutgers is not a good team. They have talent, but not to the degree that is needed to even be noticed within the Big Ten. One player that I like is Candido Sa, a 6-9 Forward out of Portugal. His numbers are not magical, averages per game are, 3.7 in points, 3.6 in rebounds, and 1.1 in blocks. He does this all with an average of 16.5 minutes per game of play time. What caught my eye of Sa, is he has that European style of play – hustle, and a working-class presentation throughout. He will be a notice in this game – believe that. Most annoyances are – and that is precisely what he’ll be to the Buckeyes – an annoyance.


The Buckeyes won a good one against TTUN, as I have already mentioned. Be proud Buckeye Nation!

They are still lead by Jae’Sean Tate in points per game with an average of 14.2, who is also 2nd in rebounding with 6.2 per game. Trevor Thompson continues to lead the team in rebounding with an average of 9.3 per game.

The Buckeyes continue to have their five players who are averaging in scoring in double figures. Jae’Sean Tate (14.2); Marc Loving (11.8); JaQuan Lyle (11.8) Trevor Thompson (10.6); and Kam Williams (10.1). Personally I haven’t a clue what that all means – especially when games aren’t being finished off. It is a useless stat that seems to be masqueraded as something that it just is not.

The Buckeyes should win this one. But there were a few games they dropped that they should have won. I won’t be the “fool” and predict a score (81-59 Buckeyes) instead I will simply smile as if I did something and got away with it.