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Brace yourself mates! The Big Ten Universities Sevens Tournament is coming – scheduled to open on the 8th of April in enemy territory also referred to as the road-kill cuisine capital of the toothless whiners’-world, Ann Arbor, better known for TTUN.

I currently do not have a lot of information, scheduling, or roster, but I am diligently working on it. As soon as I have it, I will gladly provide you all with it.

The tournament will be held at Mitchell Field on TTUN’s campus. If by chance you go, be sure to wear an old pair of shoes, something you can throw away once returning to safety (back over the Ohio State line).
The tournament will run all day with the first kick-off happening at 9am and all teams playing to determine a tournament champion.

While this is a Big Ten Universities Rugby championship event, other schools have been invited. I will provide that too. The Big Ten is certainly one of the toughest conferences in the country!

According to the Goff Report, the fantastic on-line magazine for all that is Rugby, here all the current Spring rankings. Note the Buckeyes are 20th, without playing a game thus far:

2017 Spring All-DI Men College Rankings Week #9

Rank    Prev.    Team
1            2           Life
2            6           BYU
3            1           Saint Mary’s
4            3           California
5            4           Central Washington
6            5           Penn State
7            7           Lindenwood
8            8           Arkansas State
9            16         San Diego State
10          9           Davenport
11          10         Indiana
12          11         Notre Dame College
13          12         Army
14          15        Arizona
15          13        Utah
16          14        LSU
17          17       Clemson
18          18       Bowling Green
19          19       Wisconsin
20          20       Ohio State
RUGBY is coming my friends! Ice up the beer and get out your Scarlet and Gray gear. It’s on!