(Photo courtesy ukgolfguy.com)

Finally, finally, I had my first round of the season yesterday (Tuesday).  It was at the local municipal course. The weather was Springlike (sunny, temps in mid-50’s) with a wind coming out of the northeast 8-10 mph. The course was also in Springlike conditions; Soft and “lush”.

Since it was such a nice day, relatively speaking, I threw me sticks over me shoulders and went on a walkabout. Approximately 5 miles worth. As you’d expect with the inaugural round of the year, there were several areas of “good news / bad news”. Here we go…


Good News: I had nothing higher than a bogey. Considering this was the first time I’d hit a golf ball in five months, I was fairly satisfied with that result.

Bad News: I did have a lot of bogeys, though. I mean, a lot. Fourteen to be exact. A few areas need to get cleaned up.



Bad News: I was not rotating through (hips, torso, arms) the swing on the first couple of holes, which led to push-fades into ankle deep rough.

Good News: From about midway through the front nine, I solved the rotation “issue” and the drives were finding the fairways at a respectable distance. I think the driving is taken care of, for now.

Iron Play

Bad News: In a continuation from last season, the iron play was a mystery. Just not making solid, compressing contact. Too many high fades short of the green.

Good News: I used to be a good iron play; lately, I am not. It might have to do with syncing my body rotation and extension. At least there are a couple feasible reasons for this part of the gamin going to hell. I’ll focus on those.



Good News: I got “up and down” to save par a couple of times, I was making solid contact and generally getting good reads on the greens.  The greens were a bit slow and “furry”, but all in all play wasn’t too bad.

Bad News: I left several shots too short. Under the “soft” conditions, I should have been throwing the ball at the pin. My “mind” was in mid-season form where I would try to hit a landing spot and let the ball run out to the hole. It didn’t help my score on Tuesday, but still, probably the right approach… so to speak.


Camaraderie/Pace of Play

Good News:  I went out as a single and “indexed along during the front nine, playing it in an hour and a half. On the back nine, I met up with two of my good golfing friends and finished the round together in an enjoyable hour and forty minutes.

Bad News: Golfing with old friends in less than three and a half hours? There is no bad news.



The game is pretty much where I left it in November: Driving and short game are in pretty good shape, iron game is a concern. I can probably get that straightened out in a couple of rounds – nothing fatal here…

After walking/carrying for 18 holes in soft conditions, I had little-to-no aftereffects from the walkabout. Maybe my off-season conditioning has paid off. But then, in Buffalo, the “off-season” provides a lot of time to hit the gym.



OSUWG tees it up Friday-Sunday for the Big Ten Championships In Cincinnati. OSUMG hosts (Saturday-Sunday) the Robert Kepler Intercollegiate at the OSU Scarlet course. If you have an opportunity to get to either of these events, you really should.