Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Yesterday’s round was enjoyable; sunny, cool (60°) and windy (15 – 20 mph, SSW).

  • Seventeen of the eighteen holes ran north-south; you either got a helping wind out of your 7 o’clock or a head wind out of your 2 o’clock. I was hitting a lot of 3-woods/5-woods into par 4’s.
  • Not much in way of course familiarity; only one of our group had played the course previous to this event.
  • Speaking of our group; at 66 years, I was the youngest. No one else was under 70 years old. It was full-fledged Geezer Golf. (Do you get the sense I’m setting you up for something?)
  • We turned in a score of 73 (+1), which probably put us middle-of-pack’ish in a 34 team field. For you unfamiliar with 4-man scrambles, any score over par is not very good golf. We did not dispel that rule of thumb. We only had 2 birdies (shamefully low) but one of them was on my ball (!) so there were moments of competency. (Ed: The winning score was 61, so evidently some people didn’t find things too difficult.)

Despite the ‘meh’ outcome, it was a day well spent. It was even better when Ohio State advanced to championship match play.

I have a full day commitment today. I expect to be back in the confines late afternoon, but it’s hard to tell at this point. Meanwhile, here’s where things stand after 36 holes.  I apologize for the screenshot at “squint” font size.  Anyway, the Buckeyes are firmly set above the cut line. Frankly, as long as they’re still above it after Monday’s round is all I care about.


(Screenshot courtesy Golfstat)

I’ll be joining a couple long time friends for a charity golf outing. Scheduled for 10:00 am tee time, these scramble events usually take well over 5 hours to play – something like NCAA golf…



If play and festivities move along at a decent pace, I’ll have today’s recap for you this evening. If not, it will be tomorrow.

Thank you,

The Management