(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Birdiefire.com)

Ohio State is in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to play in the Battle a the Beach. It may sound like a seaborne invasion, but it’s a golf tournament. The tournament is a 54 hole event played over November 3rd – 5th. Fifteen teams will compete for the title.

Here is recap of Saturday’s 2nd round.

As a refresher, the Buckeyes will tee it up with:

1. Jaclyn Lee | Jr.
2. Niki Schroeder | Jr.
3. Rio Watanabe | Sr.
4. Adeena Shears | So.
5. Alanis Sakuma | Fr.
Ind. Sofia Seldemirova | Fr.

On to the third round:


Julius Caesar began his ‘Gallic Wars’ opus with “All Gaul is divided into three parts” (Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres)… So it was with Ohio State’s 3rd round at Cabo San Lucas. Based on the starting holes, I’ve divided the course into three parts (partes tres); holes #15 – #2, #3 – #8 and #9 – #14.

In the first part (prima pars), the Buckeyes struggled with their games, shooting an aggregate +14 to par. In the second part (pars altera) they shot an aggregate +2. In the third part (tertiam partum) they had an aggregate of +12. A bit more of the pars altera and this would have ended better.

The Buckeyes had a final round team score of 303 (+19). Their three round score of 902 (+50) placed them in 14th place.

Ohio State’s third round was led by Niki Schroeder (again) and Adeena Shears with 73’s (+3). Alanis Sakuma shot a 77 (+6) and Jaclyn Lee and Rio Watanabe shot 78’s (+7).

In Individual play, Sofia Seldemirova shot an 83 (+12).

For the tournament, Niki shot a 220 (+7), Jaclyn 227 (+14), Alanis 230 (+17), Rio 232 (+19), Adeena 232 (+19) and Sofia 242 (+29).

We Have Stats

In the 3rd round, Ohio State played the par 3’s to an average of 3.12 strokes,+3 to par, which was a slight improvement from the 2nd round. They played the par-4’s to 4.43, +19 to par, a slight drop off from day two. The par 5’s were played to an average of 5.21, +4 to par, two strokes worse than their second.

Ohio State had 56 pars on the day, a bit of an improvement from their second round. Their 8 birdies were four less than their previous round. BirdieFire doesn’t track this, but OSU had 22 bogeys, the same as their 2nd round. They had 3 double bogeys, 1 less than opening day. This was somewhat offset by 2 triple bogeys, one more than Saturday’s round.

Since this was a shotgun start, the players teed off from different holes. Let’s see how the players did:


Jaclyn began her round with a bogey on hole #15 and parred her first two holes. After a bogey-double bogey, Jaclyn settled in by playing her next nine holes (holes #1 – #9) in -1, thanks to a birdie on #4. The round stalled with a 7 on the par-4 10th hole (more on that later) and Jaclyn finished her round with a 78. This round was similar to Saturday’s round where she played pretty good golf for 16 holes but had two holes get away from her.


Rio began her round on hole #17 and was in ‘streaky play’ mode from the start. As an example of the ‘partes tres’, Rio played her first six holes in +4, her next six holes in +5 and her final six holes in -2. to finish with 78.


Niki began her round on #14 and an early birdie (#15) to get her round off to a fast start. Through er first nine holes, Niki had 2 birdies and was +2.  a double bogey on the par-5 7th hole slowed things down a bit, but not for long. Nike ran off 5 consecutive pars before finishing with a birdie on the par-5 13th hole. That nice six hole stretch of -1 got Niki into the clubhouse with a team leading 74.


Adeena began her round on hole #18 and was +1 through nine holes, a two stroke improvement over Saturday’s round. On her back nine, she worked through two bogeys and closed in good form with five consecutive pars to finish with a 74.


Alanis began her round on hole #16 with a par and through her first nine holes of play was +2. A good start for Alanis. Her closing nine was marred by a double bogey on hole #10, but Alanis closed strong with pars on four of her final five holes to finish with a 77.

Sofia (Individual)

Sofia began her round on the 18th hole and double bogeyed her first two holes (ugh). She quickly got her game under control with three consecutive pars and during a mid-round stretch of 12 holes was +2. That’s a well played stretch of golf. The round got messy in her closing four holes with alternating double bogeys and bogeys as Sofia carded her 83.

Buckeye scores:

Battle on the Beach Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total
Team 301 298 303 902
Jaclyn Lee 74 75 78 227
Niki Schroeder 73 73 74 220
Rio Watanabe 79 75 78 232
Adeena Shears 83 75 74 232
Alanis Sakuma 75 78 77 230
Sofia Seldemirova (I) 82 77 83 242
Team to Par 17 14 19 50


A Few Takeaways

This was an odd round to figure out.

Some of the holes that were comparatively well played in the first two rounds were not on Sunday.  For example, in the first two rounds, the team played holes #10, #17 and #18 in +3 strokes to par. In the final round, they played these holes +18 strokes to par.

The holes that had given them problems in the first two rounds gave them no issues in the final round. For example, in the first two rounds, the team played holes #1, #3, #7, #14 and #16 in +33 strokes to par. In the final round, they played these in a very solid +7 strokes to par. Those problems were solved.

Golf is a strange game.

Up Next

The Buckeyes get a few months off, okay not really off. Their next match is when they host the Northrup Grumman Regional Challenge at Palos Verdes Country Club. The event runs from February 11th – 13th.

Go Buckeyes!