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This is one of my favorite times of the year. I am extremely fortunate that the Ohio State coaching staff carved out some time to participate in a mid-season Q&A.  The men’s and women’s golf teams wrapped up their Fall schedule in mid-October / early November and are three weeks away from resuming the Spring schedule.

I’ve been trying to keep tabs on the accomplishments of Buckeye alums on he various pro tours; Rachel Rohanna, Jessica Porvasnik, Katja Pogacar, Ryan Armour, Bo Hoag, Kevin Hall, Tee-K Kelly… But, this is where it all came together for them, representing Ohio State on, and off the course.

I join Ohio State women’s coaches Therese Hession and Stacy Snider and Ohio State’s men’s coaches Jay Moseley and Brad Smith. My comment to comment is italicized. Let’s begin:

Therese, Stacy:
  • This upcoming Northrup-Grumman Regional Challenge is the 23rd year for this event. It must me gratifying to have such longevity for a high level tournament. What prompted your involvement in creating and nurturing this event?

This event was created with a former teammate of mine at SMU. We wanted to start a first class event with top competition in United States. 23 years later it’s still going!

There are some very good golf programs participating in this event year after year. This is a good way to measure yourself against top flight programs to begin your Spring schedule. Well done.

  • This had to have been an interesting season so far for you. With the departures of Zoe-Beth, Katja and Jessica, the team lost 42% of rounds played/44% rounds counted. This was maybe more of a “development/rebuild” Fall Schedule?

The fall was an interesting opportunity for young ladies to step up. It was a shame Alex had to miss the last event in the fall with her grandmother’s death, but she has really improved from her first year. I’m looking forward to seeing how the young players will play and how are upperclassman step up to assist.

I did notice an interesting mix of upperclassmen being stabilizing players and underclassmen flashing solid rounds. Condolences to Alex and her family on their loss. 

  • It looked like mainstays were Jaclyn and Niki with Rio/Alex/Adeena competing for two remaining slots and Alanis/Sofia rotating through Individual and #5 spot. More of the same for the Spring, or are things starting to clarify a bit?
It should also be interesting to see how the spring goes as I mentioned before. Alex actually had the second best scoring average on the team this fall and Adeena brings some more experience over Alanis and Sofia, but things are still wide open in our minds. We’re looking forward to another practice weekend down in Florida before we head out to California. I can promise you the players are working very hard. Go Bucks!
I think the fall schedule was a good ‘seasoning’ for the younger players and an opportunity to get into sync with the more experienced players, This will be fun. 
Jay, Brad:
Your team had a great finish to the Fall Schedule (2nd at Dayton Invitational). How does this set you up for the Spring Schedule?

Our Fall was not up to our standards; we felt like we had some good opportunities to win the events that were held in Ohio and just didn’t get it done.  But the guys have been hungry this off season and have an edge that is different about them vs. last Fall.  We all are excited for the Spring season.

I can understand that. Even at my level of golf, after a disappointment, I can’t wait to get back on the course to ‘prove my worth’.  As a fan, I am excited about your team, as well.

In the Fall, Will G and Daniel seemed to be the most consistent with 93% and 86% rounds counted, respectively. How do you think your Spring lineup will look?

We have many good players that are capable of contributing.  Lineup spots will be determined by which guys step up and play well, at this point no one is out of consideration.

Yep. If you want to play, you’ll sharpen your game to earn that spot in the lineup. A great way to keep the “hunger” (above question) burning.

  • Several of your players participated in “off-season” tournaments. How important is it for them to play in regional/national events?

It definitely helps them stay sharp.  It also helps their ranking as they desire to play in elite events during the summer.

This was almost a throw-away question for me, but is a keynote to reinforce the competitiveness to get on the course as a Buckeye.

  • The Big Ten Match Play event tees up in a few weeks. You had a very good performance last year. Are you going to to be ready this year? 😉

Our first match is against that team up north… WE WILL BE READY!

You know, my father was cocky/confident. That trait was passed on to me, my son and to his son. I like this. Why? Because it can be backed up. You walk it, you can talk it.

I’d like to thank the Ohio State coaching staffs for there time from their busy schedules. This was enjoyable for me and I hop you get something out of it as well.

Fairways & Greens. Go Buckeyes!