(Team photo and tournament information courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Department. Tournament scoring and statistics courtesy of Golfstat)

The Ohio State Men’s Golf (OSUMG) is in Reynolds, GA this weekend for the Linger Longer Invitational. The event is played at the Great Waters Course at Reynolds Lake Oconee. It is a three round event, scheduled March 18th – 20th.

Here is the tournament set-up and second round recap.

Ohio State lineup

1. Daniel Wetterich
2. Will Grimmer
3. Josh Wick
4. Jeg Coughlin III
5. Will Voetsch
Individual:  Caleb Ramirez


Well, this was fun. The Buckeyes shot a final round 291 (+3) to total 861 (-3) for the event to finish in 4th place. Almost no team could gain any scoring momentum, so there was very little movement on the leaderboard this round. In the “tournament within the tournament”, Ohio State out-dueled Virginia to maintain the 4th spot.

Ohio State, Virginia and UNCG were paired together, which is ideally where you want your fellow competitors – walking along side you. At the turn. Virginia had slipped into 4th place in front of Ohio State. The Buckeyes made up ground on the 11th hole, playing it in -5 (eagle by Wetterich and birdies by Wick, Coughlin and Voetsch). Ohio State sealed their finish with late birdies by Wick (2) and Coughlin.

The Buckeyes were led by Josh Wick’s 71 (-1) and Will Voetsch’s 72 (E). Will Grimmer, Daniel Wetterich and Jeg Coughlin III each shot 74 (+2). This is pretty balanced scoring… in a good way.

In Individual play, Caleb Ramirez shot a 73 (+1).

Buckeye Scoring

Linger Longer Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total To Par
Team 281 289 291 861 -3
Daniel Wetterich 70 72 74 216 0
Will Grimmer 72 69 74 215 -1
Josh Wick 74 74 71 219 3
Jeg Couglin III 68 77 74 219 3
Will Voetsch 71 74 72 217 1
Caleb Ramirez (I) 74 75 73 222 6
-7 1 3 -3 -3


Will G

Will had a birdie and a double bogey on the front side to make the turn at 37 (+1). After playing the next three holes in +3, Will took control by playing the final six holes in -2 for a back nine of 37 (+1) and a round of 74 (+2). Will had 3 birdies in the round. Will finished T-17th overall.


Daniel was +5 through 8 holes; pretty bleak start. A birdie on #9 got him to the turn at 40 (+4). Discovering that he was allowed to go sub-par, he played the next thee hole in -4 (eagle, 2 birdies) to shoot a back nine of 34 (-2) and a round of 74 9+2). Daniel had an eagle and 3 birdies in the round. Daniel finished 20th overall.

Will V

Will had an interesting day. On his front nine, he offset a bogey and a double bogey with 3 birdies to make the turn at 36 (E). He double bogeyed hole #10, then played his closing eight holes in -2 for another nine of 36 (E) and a round of, you guessed it, 72 (F). Will had 5 birdies in the round. Will finished T-21st overall.


Josh mixed 2 birdies and 2 bogies for a front nine of 36 (E). Through seven holes on the back nine, Josh was +1. He finished with two key birdies on #17 – #18 for a back nine of 35 (-1) and a round of 71 (-1). Josh had 5 birdies in the round. Josh finished T-32nd overall.


Jeg had a fairly clean front nine of a birdie and 2 bogeys to make the turn at 37 (+1). He was +2 on his back nine until he birdied the #18th hole for a back nine of 37 (+1) and a round of 74 (+2). Jeg had 3 birdies in the round. Jeg finished T-32nd overall.


Caleb (I)

Caleb began play on the back nine with par-bogey-birdie. Five more pars got him to hole #18, which he birdied to make the turn at 35 (-1). Caleb birdied hole #2 to get his round to -2, but three late bogeys gave him a back nine of 38 (+2) and a round of 73 (+1). Caleb had 3 birdies in the round. Caleb finished T-45th overall.

Stats & Stuff

In the third round, Ohio State played the par 3’s to an average of 3.35 strokes, +7 to par. For the event, they averaged 3.17, +10 strokes to par. They played the par-4’s to 3.92, -4 to par (that’s incredibly good!) in the final round. For the event, they played them in 4.01, +1. In the third round, they played the par-5’s to 5.10, +2 to par. For the event, they played them in 4.92, -5 to par. For the tournament, Ohio State ranked 6th in par-3 scoring, 1st in par-4 scoring and 14th in par-5 scoring.

For the round, Ohio State totaled 51 pars. For the tournament, their 169 pars tied for most.  Their 19 birdies in the round gave them a total of 51, T-5th. Daniel had the team’s lone eagle.

Jeg’s 5 bogey – 3 birdie performance in the final round earned him the distinction of playing 54 holes and scoring noting higher than a bogey. That’s a hell of a weekend. Very impressive.

The table below, summarizes the round by round team scoring for each category; birdies, pars, etc.

Round Eagle Birdie Par Bogey 2X 3X
1 0 18 60 11 1 0
2 0 14 58 16 2 0
3 1 19 51 13 5 1
Total 1 51 169 40 8 1

Yet again, lots of pars and birdies. Things got a bit annoying with the 2x and 3x scoring, relative to the first round, but overall these bad holes were overcome by numerous birdies, or in one case, an eagle.


It’s hard to tell from my vantage, but this appeared to be an aggressively played round by the Buckeyes in an effort to make a move up the leaderboard. These approaches to be high-risk; you can score a lot of sub-par holes but you open yourself up to “big numbers”. Their sub-par holes netted them a gain of 21 strokes (1 eagle, 19 birdies) to pat and lost 26 stokes to “big number” holes.

This was a very well balanced, well played team effort. The highest score was 74 (+2) so the players did a good job of keeping themselves in the game. In a ‘play 5, count 4’ format, there is a bit of leeway if one player is having an off day. When one player is off, the margin of error goes to zero. Fortunately, when all five are playing well, as they did in the final round, there is some room to maneuver.

One little side note; in each of the opening rounds, the Buckeyes played the 16th hole in +3. In the final round they played it in +1. They brought the monster to it’s knees.
Up Next

The Buckeyes participate in the Boilermaker Invitational April 14th – 15th. The event will be held at the Kampen Course in West Lafayette, IN.

Go Buckeyes!