The Ohio State University’s Men’s Rugby squad met up with the Bearcats of the University of Cincinnati on Friday, the 7th, at Fred Beekman Field and walked away with a powerful statement; 67-8 – all Buckeyes.

Ben Richards started off the scoring with a scoop up, as scrumhalf Nate Taylor, takes it over; the kick by Andrew Baldado is good. OSU – 7 UC –  0.

Early in the first half on a back-line attack David Chesko would take it over. The kick would not be good. The Buckeyes move the score up to 12-0.

UC gets a penalty kick on some misdeeds called on Taylor. It would be good. Suddenly on the scoreboard – OSU – 12 UC – 3; the Bearcats are feeling frisky.

But not so longer thereafter Nick Zollinger would drive in another with the kick following being on tee marching it up to 19-3 Buckeyes.

The Buckeyes would get a penalty kick before the half arrived which put up 22 OSU and 3 UC on the scoreboard.

As the 2nd half began the Buckeyes came out in force showing a stronger desire than the Bearcats, who, at times, seemed drained, frustrated, and a stare that I equated as I just wanna go home. In quick fashion both Spencer Krueger and Ben Richards would score, the kick good on both occasions – making the score now OSU 36 and UC 3.

8-man Nate Heister got into the act as well. He cut-and-weaved – dicing up the Cincinnati defense before finalizing the try. The kick would be good. The Buckeyes now led 43-3.

Krueger came again – certainly showing why he was selected by D1A as an All-American, on a power smash up the middle. Now the scoreboard showed it OSU – 50 and UC – 3.

The young rookie, Joey Phipps, too wanted in on the try explosion – scoring from a cluster, the kick failing …. Buckeyes were now up 55-3.

Multiple penalties would result in a UC score. Now the Bearcats trailed 62-8.

Joe O’Brien finalized it with a break-off on a scrum – collecting a penalty, the kick would be good. The Buckeyes now held a 67-8 lead.

This would be the final score. The Ohio State University Men’s Rugby team would have their second win in the season, 67-8, over the Bearcats of the University of Cincinnati.

Now it is onto Purdue for the Big Ten opener. It will be a 1:00 p.m. start at Fred Beekman Park (H). The Big Ten play is always a thrill, and meaningful, as in Rugby, the League play is what matters. Even though the Buckeyes are 2-0 against good in-state opponents, going into the Big Ten season they are now 0-0.

Good Luck guys. A great tune-up to the season that now begins. Go Buckeyes.