Columbus weather Saturday the 22nd cooperated magnificently with the scheduled Rugby match between two nationally ranked teams; the 18th ranked Buckeyes of The Ohio State University, and the 11th ranked Irish of Notre Dame. Not much more could be asked of from above …. Except ….

The Buckeyes would be the first to strike with a swing to the right corner by Andrew Baldado, who also converts his own kick-after. The Buckeye’s would take the lead first 7-0.

Notre Dame, ranked for a reason, would not sit long on being behind. They would drive, in a dominant manner, the kick would be good, and suddenly everything was even. 7-7.

The Buckeyes would romp again on a power surge by Captain Spencer Krueger. The kick would be good. The Buckeyes took the lead 14-7.

Notre Dame, though, not one to lay low, on another dominating drive would even all up; 14-14.

The Irish again would strike on a failure by the Buckeyes to score. They’d turn the tide on a penalty-filled-drive by the Buckeyes – the points thereafter would be good. Notre Dame was now ahead for the first time in the match – making it 21-14.

Nate Heister for the Buckeyes would have a moment on a plow to the corner. The kick would be good. The Buckeyes now made it even; 21-21.

This would be the half score.

Coming into the 2nd half the Irish took over – never to see themselves behind again. They’d score a try, the kick would be good. Now in what appeared at the moment to be a tick-for-tock, Notre Dame was ahead 26-21.

The Irish punched one more. It would be a drive that reminded me, shall I say? Of a play, I watched online last week of the Scottish Premier League. It was a slip and slide with a determination that just …. Well, presented itself excellently. The kick was good and Notre Dame was ahead 33-21 with 22 minutes remaining.

Captain Spencer Krueger just wasn’t prepared to fold. He hit between the posts with a Baldado kick good thereafter. The score was now 33-28.

The Buckeyes had hope ….

But the Irish held strong defensively on the time remaining. Arguably, one could determine that the Irish were hungrier in this one than the Buckeyes. But such determinations are overplayed and usually judgmental. I’m not prepared to go that route – but then again I did suggest it, didn’t I?

The final was that – 33-28. The Buckeyes would fall 3-1 ….

But, well, a loss is always hard to stomach, but in Rugby League play is what matters. In that – the Buckeyes are 1-0. So now off to Penn State on the 29th. Hmmmmm – excuse me, for a moment I was thinking Penn State was ranked as well. They are not. It was a mere hiccup. But, DO NOT underestimate the Litany Lions in any sport – Just DO NOT.

Go Buckeyes.