Last Saturday, the 13th, in Bloomington, Indiana, the unusually unranked Hoosiers did not muster the presence they, in the past, have presented. It regardless is always a tough match against the Hoosiers – don’t be mistaken.

It all began with a nice break by Roman Forrestal – over for the try – the kick by Andrew Baldado would be good – thus, the Buckeyes led 7-0.

Nick Zolikoff would scamper for the Buckeyes soon thereafter for a try, in quick fashion, the kick would not be good. The Buckeyes would lead 12-0.

Nate Taylor, for the Buckeyes, would force an IU penalty in enemy territory. IU would manage a kick at goal – good – making it 12-3 as the half neared.

The Buckeyes would score again on a Nick Zolikoff punishing push on a switch from Kevin Stefancin – over for his 2nd try. Buckeyes 19-3.

The 2nd half IU hit early with a try – kick missing – Buckeyes up 19-8.

IU would earn a penalty near midfield – kick good – now 19-11 – Buckeyes.

The Hoosiers appeared back into full-strength ……

The Buckeyes would be yellow-carded for hitting a player in the air – making IU up one man with 10 minutes to go. But – did it matter? – Ryan Bradfield would unload on a run for a try – Baldado’s kick would be good. The Buckeyes would be up 26-11.

IU now on a scrum would hit-up on OSU’s 10. Kick no good. Buckeyes up 26-16.

This would be the final. The Buckeyes winning 26-16.

Next up the 16th ranked Wisconsin Badgers……

A strong wind at Beekman Park seemed to signal a potential – what if? – but, well, let’s review it all….

The Buckeyes took the early lead when a kick for points transpired by Andrew Baldado – good – making it 3-0 in favor of the Buckeyes.

Nate Heister would soon find the end-zone on a well-earned surge. The kick, thereafter, would be good by Baldado, making it 10-0 fter the opening 14 minutes.

The Badgers though would not lie down. On a hit from a multiple short grabber in the corner – guess what? – yep! A try. The kick would be good. It was now 10-7 in favor of the Buckeyes.
The Badgers would score again with fifteen minutes in the half making it 12-10 Wisconsin.

The Buckeyes would answer with a try by Andrew Kyser – the kick by Baldado would be good. The Buckeyes would be up 15-12 by half.

Wisconsin, on the opening of the 2nd half, would be soon yellow-carded, bringing down the maul – Buckeyes would capitalize with a try and the kick – good. 22-12 Buckeyes.

Wisconsin would be able to kick a ball through a ruck – and chase it down. The kick would not be good. The score would be 22-17 – Buckeyes.

This would be the final.

Buckeyes are now 2-2 following two losses which were to Notre Dame and Penn State, encompassed with a thunderstorm-controlled cancellation against Illinois.

So it’s on to next week against – uh – TTUN…..need I say more?