(image courtesy ohiostatebuckeyes.com, tournament information courtesy ohiostatebuckeyes.com, scoring and stats courtesy BirdieFire.com)

The Spring Schedule tees it up at Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, FL on Friday and Saturday. Buckeyes making the trip are: Will Grimmer, Daniel Wetterich, Will Voetsch, Caleb Ramirez, Laken Hinton, Jack Mancinotti, Justin Wick and Kevin Stone. The format is match play with each team fielding six players.

Ohio State won its first round match against Rutgers, 3 1/2 – 2 1/2 to advance to round two against Wisconsin. The Buckeyes and Badgers split their match 3  – 3, but Ohio State won the tie-breaker (more on that below) to advance to the semifinal match against #1 seed Illinois.


Round 1 vs Rutgers

Will Grimmer

Will ended his match AS (all square) with his opponent, Tony Jiang. The match was closely played, with neither competitor having more than a 1-up lead. Will held a 1-up lead with one to play, but Jiang parred the final hole to end the match AS.

Daniel Wetterich

Daniel lost his match 2-dn. Daniel trailed nearly the entire match, despite a stretch of three birdies on the back nine. Daniel tied the match on the 16th hole of play, but his opponent, Chris Gotterup parred the final two holes to Daniel’s bogeys to win the match 2-up.

Will Voetsch

Will won his match 2&1. Will went 1-dn to his opponent, Oliver Whatley early in the match and was 1-dn through four holes. Will brought the match to AS on the fifth hole of play and stretched his lead to 3-up before settling in with four consecutive pars to close out Whatley 2-up.

Caleb Ramirez

Caleb won his match 1-up. Caleb took an early lead over his opponent, Shayler Dance, and was 2-up through five holes. Dance went on a run to hold a 2-up lead with four holes to play. Caleb closed strong with a birdie on the 17th hole of play to bring the match to AS, then parred the final hole for the win. Whew!

Kevin Stone

Kevin won his match 3&1. Kevin had his match over his opponent, Bobby Weise, in hand pretty much from the beginning. He took a 1-up lead on the first hole f play, five holes later expanded it to 2-up, then closed it out with an eagle-3 to birdie-4 on the par-5 9th hole, the 17th hole of play. That’s some finish.

Justin Wick

Justin lost his match 1-dn. Justin and his opponent, Putt Sridama, were AS through five holes. A birdie on the 6th hole gave Justin a 1-up lead which he held for three more holes. Putt won the next three holes to go 2-up over Justin, but Justin won the next hole to pull within 1-dn.  Both both players matched pars in the final five holes to end the match.

Now, onward to Wisconsin!

Round 2 vs Wisconsin

Unfortunately, the BirdieFire score keeping didn’t provide hole-by-hole match detail for this round, so we’ll have to do with individual match results.

Ohio State and Wisconsin tied their individual matches 3 – 3, with Ohio State advancing to semi-finals via tiebreaker.

Will Grimmer

Will lost his match against his opponent, Jordan Hahn, 3&1.

Daniel Wetterich

Daniel lost his match 5&4 to his opponent, Griffin Barela.

Will Voetsch

Will won his match 5&3 versus his opponent Pete Kuhl.

Caleb Ramirez

Caleb won his match, rather convincingly, 7&6 over his opponent Sam Anderson. This was actually the “swing” match versus Wisconsin.

Kevin Stone

Kevin won his match 2&1 over his opponent Tom Calbi.

Jack Mancinotti

Jack lost his match 2-dn against his opponent Cameron Frazier.

The tie-breaker is based on an aggregate. “margin of victory”. Basically, Caleb’s rout of his opponent, 7&6 easily provided the tie-breaker margin for Ohio State to advance. Thank you, Caleb.

For Friday activity, rounds 1 and 2 versus Rutgers and Wisconsin:

  • Will Grimmer was 0-1-1
  • Daniel Wetterich was 0-2-0
  • Will Voetsch was 2-0-0
  • Caleb Ramirez was 2-0-0
  • Kevin Stone was 2-0-0
  • Justin Wick was 0-1-0
  • Jack Mancinotti was 0-1-0

I guess the good showing by Will G and Daniel at the Jones Cup didn’t translate on Friday. The top of the order performed about as well as the bottom of the order. Fortunately, the middle seeds were undefeated to carry this team. This could wind up to be a very deep team for Ohio State as the schedule progresses.

So, next up is #1 ranked Illinois in Saturday’s semi-final round.