Following last week’s convincing win at Fred Beekman’s Field against a talented and well-coached Bowling Green State University, 52-21 – the Buckeyes headed to South Bend, Indiana to meet up with Notre Dame ( a new member of The Big Ten Rugby Conference).

It started as expected – with a lot of back and forth at midfield. Both teams generated some appearance(s) of promise in their attack. Especially with Notre Dame smacking at the 5-meter attacking scrum.

Notre Dame would score first. Off several phases in tight – with an eventual try going over in brutal fashion. The kick would be good. Notre Dame would jump on to a 7-0 score.

The Buckeyes were down 2 starting props and soon would be down 3. It would be a battle on both ends. Both the Fighting Irish and the Buckeyes seemed as if a break-out was on the verge – but such a reality faltered each time.

Notre Dame would lead at the break; 7-0.

Upon the return from the break – the Buckeyes had their first sustained attack of the day but a knock in the goal by the Fighting Irish prevented the Buckeyes try.

Hooker Ben Richards would score a try thereafter on a powerful statement by the Buckeyes. The kick by Connor Forrestal would be good, The score was now 7-7 with 30 minutes left on the clock.

The Buckeyes followed their try with a dominating possession and territorial penalty kick at the 22 meter line (15 for you Blokes). The kick by Forrestal was good. The score now reached 10-7 Buckeyes in the lead with 15 minutes to go.

With the Buckeyes on the attack, seemingly flustered the Fighting Irish, forced several penalties by the home team. This eventually allowed Mike Kwarteng to score a try. The kick by Forrestal would (of course) be good. 15-7 Buckeyes up would be the score with 10 minutes remaining.

The battle that seemingly began the match would end it as well. Both teams battled back and forth – with absolute notice – but no productivities. The final would 15-7, another Buckeyes win (1st for the season in the Big Ten) – putting them at 2-0 for the early 2019 season.

I wish I had mustered the energy last week to report the Buckeyes season opener win against Bowling Green. But, well, I fell into that ugly trap of procrastination, or with the winding end of MLB, fell into my addictive viewing of the Yankees on YES. Before I realized it, not only was the match complete, but reported world-wide. My presentation would be old news, or like the joke about the “rugby player who walks into a bar ……”

Next week the Buckeyes will be back home in a non-league battle against the Wildcats of Kentucky.

I have decided to attach the Buckeyes roster for the hard-core fans (as I am) along with the schedule. Enjoy.


Anderson, Jim            McCabe, William
Antelo, Diego              Meadows, Joseph
Baldado, Andrew       Meek, John
Baldwin, Kaleb           Monovich, Cameron
Bollinger, James       Mulholand, Sean
Bradfield, Ryan          Murphy, Dylan
Broski, Noah              O’Brien, Josef
Carso, Vince              O’Brien, Mike
Chesko, David           Perrins, Anthony
Dawson, Nicholas    Phipps, Joseph
Downs, Luke             Protheroe, William
Doyle, Christopher   Richards, Ben
Eddy, Richard            Ringel, Cameron
Ertle, John                Rooney, Thomas
Fiorenza, Aidan       Rychlik, PJ
Forrestal, Connor    Sims, Conner
Gill, Gavin                  Skelly, Nolan
Heister, Nathaniel    Smith, Nathaniel
Kirk, Joel                   Vanderhoof, Timothy
Klein, Stephen          Wolf, Mark
Kwarteng, Michael   Zawodny, Maxwell
Leidich, Josh             Zolikoff, Nicholas


08/30/2019: Bowling Green 52-21 (Win) ( 1-0) (Non-League)
09/07/2019: @Notre Dame 15- 7 (Win) ( 2-0) (League)
09/14/2019 Kentucky (Non-League)
09/21/2019 @ Purdue (League)
09/27/2019 @ Indiana (League)
10/05/2019 Minnesota (League)
11/11/2019 TTUN (League)
11/19/2019 Illinois (League)
11/26/2019 @ Wisconsin (League)


Go Buckeyes!!