Welcome to the BuffaloBuckeye site. Starting this site has been simmering for several months, after I retired from the Buckeye Battlecry (tBBC) in early summer, more on that, below.

I’m one transplant that fortunately ‘took’; I’m a native Ohioan who has lived in western New York since the mid-70’s. I’ve always been a fan of sports in Ohio; particularly the Browns, the Indians, the Cavaliers… and of course, the Buckeyes.  Since moving to the Buffalo area, I’ve acquired the tastes of their teams as well, specifically the Bills and the University of Buffalo Bulls.

My approach with this site is to offer commentary on the Ohio and Buffalo teams from a former participant’s perspective, from a fan’s perspective, and with humor. Yes, we’re sports fans because sports are important, to most of us, in our lives. But, I think that sports is more important for the participants, not so much for the observers.

My style will be “conversational”; after all, we’re telling a narrative, a story. Our ancestors had likely been sitting around telling stories since their time in the Neander Valley 400,000 years ago, and probably for hundreds of thousands of years earlier on the plains of East Africa. It’s who we are.

That will be my general tone. I’ll also include some updates on events at The James (link). I’ve long considered it the crown jewel in the Ohio State University system. Of course, I’ll include occasional opinion pieces on events of general interest, just to add a bit of variety..

Before I get too deep in the quagmire of blogging, I’d like to acknowledge several people and the invaluable support and friendship they’ve provided that has lead up to this. I’d like to thank Chuck Strawn, Eric Gingrich and Joe Dexter for their patience, advice, guidance and friendship while I was at tBBC site. In my three and one-half years at tBBC, I cranked out quite a few articles, and none of it would have been possible without their support.

I’d also like to acknowledge the guidance and support of Dave Thurman and Drew Thurman of the old The Silver Bullet site. They had the faith to bring me in as a writer and opened my eyes to what was needed to do this type of effort.

Dave, Drew, Chuck, Eric, Joe… thank you.


Finally, I’d like to thank my parents for instilling in me the love of reading and writing and never being shy about expressing a well thought-out opinion.