An All-In Buckeyes Victory Against a Hapless Redhawks Team Results In a 76-5 Dousing

(Photo courtesy of Letterman LR Row.) How do I begin this? First and foremost you want to be respectful (unless it’s to the cesspool of the world and a – what was it Coach Harbaugh, “a thorough beating” 35-14?) but... Continue Reading →

After Five Straight Losses – the OSUMB show the Cornhuskers a thing or two

(Picture courtesy of The Ohio State Men’s basketball team needed this one – after losing five in a row, and not winning at all thus far in 2019 – it was needed. For the first time in twenty-one (21)... Continue Reading →

OMG Part II – Buckeyes drop to 11 After Humilation in West Lafayette

OMG! What happened? The Iowa fiasco of 2018 ….. It was hang-over Sunday for the Buckeyes and their loyal legion of fanatics. It was precisely just like that too – a hang-over …. The feeling of nausea, a headache, and... Continue Reading →


(Photo courtesy Columbus Dispatch) Yes! After the win on Sunday in Columbus against the *ichigan State Spartans (72-67) practice for the Buckeyes this week “most” likely had a more pleasant Thad presence. … Now with that all said … allow... Continue Reading →

B1G Bowling Quick Peek: Part I

(Photo courtesy Bleacher Report, bowl schedule courtesy Big Ten, team information courtesy The 2016-2017 bowl season is nigh upon us and the Big Ten has 10 teams participating. Whether it will work out for the Conference (lots of 'wins')... Continue Reading →

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